Thursday October 11

Keynote lecture

Chair intro: Jessica Lönn-Stensrud

09:00 – Marc Sprenger, World Health Organization, Geneva Switzerland:
“AMR State of Play: Global Perspective”

9:45 – Jasper Littmann, National Institute of Public Health, Norway:
“Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance: The ethics of dealing with a super-wicked problem”

Session 4 – Drug development

Chair intro: Dan Andersson

10:05 – Fredrik Almqvist, University of Umeå, Sweden:
“Structure-Based Design of Inhibitors Targeting PrfA, the Master Virulence Regulator of Listeria monocytogenes”

10:25 – Coffee

11:00 – Pål Rongved, University of Oslo, Norway:
New therapeutics fighting AMR – an example, and the road ahead”

11:20 – James Booth, Oslo University Hospital, Norway:
“Antibiotic-induced DNA damage leads to loss of pH homeostasis and pH-dependent genome instability”

Session 5 – Genome dynamics, evolution and AMR

Chair intro: Meryl S. Lillenes

11:40 – Susan Rosenberg, Baylor college of Medicine, USA:
“How Bacteria Regulate Mutagenesis and Their Ability to Evolve”

12:00 – Jesus Blázquez, CSIC Madrid, Spain:
“NucS is a guardian of genome stability in Actinobacteria”

12:20 – Klaus Harms, Arctic University of Norway, Norway:
“The cellular genome as an endogenous mutagen”

12:40  Young scientist

Lunch 13:00 – 14:00

Session 6 – AMR and new diagnostics

Chair intro: Pål Rongved

14:00 – Patrice Normann, University of Freiburg, Switzerland:
“Emerging Resistances to Antibiotics in 2018”

14:20  Young scientist

14:40 – Kristin Hegstad, University Hospital of North‑Norway, Norway:
“Variable antimicrobial resistance”

15:00 – Coffee

Session 7 – Horizontal gene transfer and antibiotic resistance

Chair intro: Josep Casadesus

15:10 – Didier Mazel, Institut Pasteur, France:
“Which factors limit integron function and their spread?”

15:30 – Marjan Van der Woude, University of York, UK:

“The bacterial epigenome: the lesser known contributor to fitness and virulence”

15:50 – Stephan Uphoff, University of Oxford, UK:
“Real-time dynamics of bacterial mutagenesis in single cells”

16:10 – Pick up your stuff to go for a boat trip

16:20 – Carl Henrik Gørbitz, University of Oslo: Life Science, Norway:
“AMR: an integrated vision of UiO:Life Science”

16:30 – Anne Beate Hovind, Oslo Municipality, Norway:
Conscious Leadership and Magical Art in City Development”

17:15 – Boat trip to Oslo – aperitif served, boat departure at 18:00

20:00 – Dinner at the Oslo Opera House

23:00 – Departure back to the hotel


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