Friday October 12

Keynote lecture

Chair intro: Tone Tønjum

9:00 – Steve Kowalczykowski, University of California, USA:
“Role of DNA Recombination in Bacterial Genome Maintenance”

Session 8 – Genome dynamics and AMR

Chair intro: Pål Rongved

10:00 – Christina Stallings, Washington University School of Medicine, USA:
“Disarming of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis”

10:20 – Meriem El-Karoui,University of Edinburgh,UK:
“DNA repair and antibiotic tolerance in Escherichia coli”

10:40 – Coffee

11:00 – Digby Warner, University of Cape Town, South Africa:
“Elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying DNA damage-induced mutagenesis in mycobacteria”

11:20 – Magnar Bjørås, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway:
“Regulation and  functioning of the dinQ-agrB system from Escherichia coli”

Keynote lecture

Chair intro: Christopher L. Bayliss

11:40 – Robert Fuchs, CNRS Cancer Research Center of Marseille, France:
“An integrated view of lesion tolerance in bacteria”

12:25 – Closing remarks

12:30 – Lunch and departure


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